Legs Workout at Home

Legs Workout at Home

Workout is a must for a healthy and quality life. To develop the muscles in your body, increase the mobility of your joints and maintain or improve the working capacity of your organs, especially the heart, you need to workout regularly. who do not have enough time for sports activities outdoors or in gyms, doing sports at home is the best alternative.

There are three easy ways to build leg muscles at home, these workouts are;

1-Side Plank Position For Thinner Legs

One of the most ideal positions for leg slimming is plank. you can strengthen your muscles and cause your legs to thicken unintentionally. The key to thinning while strengthening your muscles is the movements you will do with your own body weight. The plank position is also a home leg exercise that you can do with your own weight. Basically, with your face forward, bend your arms at the elbows. Lift your body with your elbow and the toe of your foot that you are lying on your side. You can perform the movement more comfortably by using a non-slip mat while applying the plank position.

Thus, your body will take the plank position. Then, while your body is on your elbows and toes, slowly open and close your top leg without bending the knee like a compass.

Repeat as many times as you can, resting and without tiring. Then repeat the same position for the other foot. You can have thinner and more resistant legs thanks to the side plank that you can easily apply every day among the leg muscle building exercises at home.

2-Strengthen Your Upper Hind Legs With Bridge Position

Bridge position is the most frequently used movement in fitness and yoga branches. The name of the position comes from the bridge shape your body takes. If you perform the bridge movement, which can be done in many different ways, with your back on the ground, your waist, hips up and on your toes, you will strengthen your upper leg muscle groups and contribute to their thinning. The execution of the movement is very simple. After lying on your back on a hard surface, bend your knees so that your back, shoulders and head are on the ground. Lift your back and butt off the floor with your knees bent on your toes. Hold in the final position for 60 to 90 seconds, depending on your strength and training level. You will feel the back muscle group working and warming up in your upper leg. Thus, you can contribute to your leg melting process at home with your own weight, without using sports equipment.

3-Work the Lower and Upper Legs Simultaneously with the Squat Movement

The squat position, which is among the most popular movements known, is one of the most ideal movements to develop leg muscles at home. It's easy to apply, although it's hard on your muscles, and you basically don't need to use any movement. An area of ​​1 square meter is sufficient for this movement. The method of application is to open your legs hip-width apart, then push your hips back slightly. With your upper body upright, extend your hands straight forward. In this position, bend your knees and squat in a seated position so that your thighbone is as low as 90 degrees to the floor. Each time you spend in the final position will work your upper and lower legs, as well as your glutes, abs and back muscles. In order not to cause any injury, you should take care to adjust the time in your squat position according to your capacity.