Suggestions to Speed ​​Up Metabolism

Suggestions to Speed ​​Up Metabolism


4 Suggestions to Speed ​​Up Metabolism

In order to give the human body the right metabolism, it is very important for each individual to have the appropriate metabolic rate according to their age, gender and body mass characteristics. As the metabolism slows down, we are faced with an increasing weight and a slowing metabolism as the weight increases. states that someone has a slow metabolism.

Experts mention some suggestions that should be made for  to speed up our metabolism are;


-Drinking enough water throughout the day

Drinking water before each meal creates a feeling of satiety in our body and supports the metabolic rate. To speed up the metabolism, we should drink 40 cc of water per weight per day.

-Eating little and often

During the day, we need to take food into our body in small amounts and at frequent intervals, so we keep our digestive system alive and active, and we ensure that our metabolism works fast.

-Wake up Early, Sleep Early

A good and quality sleep is directly proportional to metabolism and body health. When we sleep on time and with quality, body energy rises and metabolism works better. After 22:00 at night, the body begins to secrete growth hormone and growth hormones provide an anti-aging effect to the body. In other words, it is very important for both metabolism and skin health.

Standing and Grounding

Metabolism slows down in people who sit a lot during the day. As the time we stand , our heart rate increases and with the increase in our heart rate, the metabolism accelerates. Another expert recommendation is to step on the ground  with bare feet in the open air, which is very important both for health and for the rapid functioning of our metabolism.